Monday, August 16, 2010

What We Know So Far About Men's Basketball Schedule

Let me start by saying, I know I should be focusing on football right now but the news of another out of conference game for the Hokies has me very excited.

From what we know currently, Virginia Tech will host Purdue (Ranked number two in Andy Katz's Preseason Poll) as a part of the Big 10/ACC Challenge.

New news though indicates that Virginia Tech will be traveling to Kansas State as a part of ESPN's College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon. Kansas State is ranked number five in Andy Katz's Preseason Poll.

This is exciting because these two games already top the difficulty of any of Virginia Tech's out of conference games last season. I have previously written why Virginia Tech was left out of the NCAA Tournament and that was because of their weak out of conference schedule.

It appears that the higher ups for the Hokies have either read my articles (not likely) or that they have wised up and realized what we have all seen for a while now. This is looking promising for Virginia Tech, especially with the expanded NCAA Tournament.

Here is a link to Andy Katz's Preseason Poll: Click Here

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