Monday, August 9, 2010

Ranking Virginia Tech's 2010 Football Team By Position-- WR

Time for another installment of the rating system! Today we will cover Wide Receiver!

1) Jarrett Boykin (8.6/10): Boykin is Tech's best returning receiver. The best part is that Boykin was a starter last year so he will already have some experience on the college level, but he is only a junior so there is still room for improvement. Boykin isn't the tallest receiver at 6'2 but his speed makes up for that.

2) Xavier Boyce (8.2/10): Boyce is a redshirt sophomore with a lot of height at 6'4 and again, another returning starter from last year. Tech's receiving core was very young two years ago but they now have two experienced starters. Boyce isn't as fast as Boykin but his height makes him a good second string.

3) D.J. Coles (6.2/10): As you can see, there is huge drop-off from two to three. The reason for this is because Coles is completely foreign to the WR position only playing on special teams last year (and in scarcity too). It remains to be seen whether or not Coles can be a legitimate starter.

4) E.L. Smiling (5.3/10): Smiling is a freshman coming out of prep school so we don't know a lot about Smiling. He is 6'3 and from what I can tell he is pretty darn fast. Smiling will likely not see a lot of balls this year because of the running back situation and Boykin/Boyce.

5) Corey Fuller (???/10): To be honest, I can't find any information on Corey Fuller. He is a junior so I'm going to assume he's a walk on, but until further notice, I can't say anything for sure.

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