Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ranking Virginia Tech's 2010 Football Team By Position-- RB

Time for another preview of Virginia Tech's football team. Today, I will go over the running back position!

1) Ryan Williams (9.5/10): What can be said about this extraordinary running back? He is explosive and very physical and is only a sophomore. It is pretty safe to say that if Williams has a season like he did last year, he will likely be a first round draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

2) Darren Evans (9.0/10): Evans is a very good running back but will likely play a supporting role to Williams this season. Evans isn't nearly as fast as Williams but shares the same physicality and will probably be the leading rusher for the 2011-2012 season.

3) David Wilson (8.1/10): Simply put, Wilson is a bullet on the field. He is lightning fast and very elusive and is set to give defenses fits. Once he gets a little more age on him, he will likely be a very good running back for Virginia Tech.

4) Tony Gregory (6.9/10): Gregory is young and still has some time to develop his skills. As a redshirt freshman, he will get time to work on his speed and strength a bit, but he is a decent running back until that point.

5) Kenny Lewis Jr. (6.2/10): Lewis had his shot in the big time but he blew it. Lewis has a big fumbling problem and once Evans and Williams came along, Lewis was forced out of the spotlight and out of the action.

6) Zac Evans (5.8/10): The lesser of the two Evans' on the team is a redshirt sophomore and in all honesty probably won't see much playing time in his time at Virginia Tech. With Gregory, Wilson, Evans and Williams all in front of him, Evans will likely be a bench-warmer for the time being unless something big happens.

Stay tuned for the next rating post, Wide Receivers!

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