Monday, August 2, 2010

Ranking Virginia Tech's 2010 Football Team By Position-- QB

First off let me apologize for the long lapse in articles but the Summer is pretty dry for sports as you all know. I have decided to go position by position and rank Virginia Tech's players.

Today I will start at the head position, quarterback.

1) Tyrod Taylor (8.8/10): Taylor is a very mobile quarterback and coming into his senior season, he has taken huge strides as a passer as well. Taylor has his flaws in decision making and isn't the most accurate quarterback but his dual threat aspect makes him lethal in the backfield.

2) Ju-Ju Clayton (7.1/10): Clayton has issues with his arm strength and accuracy but if Taylor got knocked out, I think Thomas would probably get the nod at quarterback instead. Clayton is a redshirt sophomore and his extra year of experience helps him as far as ratings go.

3) Logan Thomas (6.8/10): Thomas may only be a redshirt freshman but he has a lot of raw potential. Thomas, who played tight-end in high school, has a good bit of speed and his size is ideal for a quarterback. That being said, Thomas has little to know experience as a QB and if asked to step in this season could be beaten around.

4) Mark Leal (5.3/10): Leal is a freshman from this previous class so we don't know much about him. From what I can tell, Leal has a lot of potential as a pocket passer which is different from what Virginia Tech has been used to in the recent past. With some time Leal could prove himself a valuable resource for the Hokies.

5) Ricardo Young (5.0/10): Young is another freshman similar to Leal except he has a weaker arm but is more mobile in and out of the pocket. Young resembles the more prototypical option for Virginia Tech in the future but only time will tell.

6) Trey Gresh (4.6/10): Gresh is yet another freshman, but in my opinion he is the weakest of the four freshmen (Including Logan Thomas). Gresh lacks in mobility and also struggles in arm strength. Gresh has a powerful arm though which could prove useful down the road.

Check back soon for more position ratings! Next up, Running Backs!

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