Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grind Time: Can The Hammerin' Hokies Make It To Omaha?

Virginia Tech’s baseball team is currently flirting with uncharted territory for the program, a potential bid at making the College World Series. The Hokies find themselves in the top-25 on three different major college baseball polls around the nation. The baseball team has their hardest games behind them, but are the Hokies deserving of a bid for a chance to play in Omaha?

As far as quality wins go, Virginia Tech has quite a few. Virginia Tech has beaten #1 ranked UVA once, #3 Georgia Tech twice, #4 Florida State twice, #9 Miami twice, #25 North Carolina Central once and #29 VMI once. Virginia Tech won the series against Georgia Tech, Florida State, and Miami while having only played NCC and VMI once a piece. The only series the Hokies didn’t win was against the #1 ranked Cavaliers.

The Hokies’ overall record is 29-14 at this point in the season. The Hokies are 11-10 in ACC play. The conference record doesn’t seem that impressive but after a slow start to the season, the Hokies have gone 9-6 against top-10 teams in the nation. The Atlantic Coast Conference is consistently strong in baseball and this record is actually quite good for a program that hasn’t known success in the sport of baseball.

To help the Hokies, they still have 13 games, all against unranked teams. It isn’t too farfetched to see Virginia Tech crack 40 wins on the season. On top of the easy remaining schedule, the Hokies still have the ACC Tournament to pad their already impressive resume.

The downside for the Hokies is the fact that only eight teams make the College World Series. In order to make the College World Series, the Hokies would have to win the NCAA Regional and then go on and win the NCAA Super Regional. There is a good chance that the Hokies will be invited to play in the NCAA Regional, but a deep run in the ACC Tournament would do the Hokies a world of good.

The Hokies have put together an impressive season so far and they should certainly be rewarded for it. The fact of the matter though is that if the Hokies don’t win at least eight of their last 13 games, the odds don’t look good for the Hokies. However, if the Hokies can win at least eight of those games and (the ‘and’ here is key) make a good run in the ACC Tournament, they should receive an invitation to play for a trip to Omaha.

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