Thursday, March 4, 2010

Q&A With Men's Basketball Coach Seth Greenberg

In the newly built basketball facility, men’s basketball head coach Seth Greenberg is busy game planning for the Hokies’ final regular season game against Georgia Tech.

Greenberg was a collegiate athlete for four years at Fairleigh Dickinson and has been in a head coaching position for 20 years. He is in his seventh season coaching at Virginia Tech.

The Hokies’ vocal head coach took a quick break from his game planning to sit down with the Collegiate Times.

COLLEGIATE TIMES: Wednesday was senior night for the team and it celebrated with a win over NC State. What is it like every year to lose seniors with whom you have spent so much time?

SETH GREENBERG: It’s emotional. I’m an emotional coach. I love my players. It’s a culmination of four years of hard work and growth of a relationship. To see Lewis and Paul, and especially Lewis who has been with us for four years, and see him grow and mature, not just in basketball, but as a person, and to see him have such a special night. I’m so happy for him.

CT: During the NC State game, you actually had to pump the crowd up. How weird was it for you to actually have to get Hokie fans loud for a change?

GREENBERG: I do that, I don’t know. I have these out-of-body experiences every once in a while. I just want to try and get them involved in the game and get them to take ownership in the game. I know our players feed off of that and it’s just something every once in a while that I seem to do, and most times they respond pretty favorably.

To read the entire interview, head over to the Collegiate Times website:

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