Friday, January 22, 2010

Bud Foster Gets Lucrative Contract, But What Does It Mean Moving Forward?

Bud Foster, defensive coordinator for the Virginia Tech Hokies, has been on the Hokie football staff for 23 seasons, and has been the defensive coordinator for the past 15 years.

Foster has been noticeably successful as a defensive coordinator, and the Virginia Tech Athletic Department has surely taken notice. The details of this revamped contract are as followed:

1) The new contract includes a deferred compensation in the amount of $800,000 if Foster remains on the Virginia Tech staff through the 2014 season.
2) If Foster leaves at any point before the 2014 season, the compensation will be null and void.
3) On the same note, if Beamer retires at any point before 2014 and Foster is still on staff, he will receive the $800,000 compensation on the day of Beamer's retirement.

What does this all mean though?

What this does is simply establish a silent "coach in waiting" scenario. Rumors have circulated about this scenario for a while now, but the university publicly apposes the idea.

"We do not believe in a head-coach-in-waiting concept here at Virginia Tech." Virginia Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver said in an interview with ESPN's Heather Dinich.

Despite these comments, it is pretty apparent around the Blacksburg area that this is not really the case. The Virginia Tech Athletic Department would be out of their minds to let Foster go to another school.

This contract is a good first step in retaining Foster for when Beamer leaves, but who knows when that will be.

This is where the situation gets tricky. If the university were to come out and publicly state that Foster is the head coach in waiting it would put some pressure on head coach Frank Beamer. Beamer is great friends with his staff, whom he hand-picked himself, and has a great deal of respect for them, no bigger than Foster.

The university would be extremely heartless to put any sort of pressure on Beamer considering all that he has done for Virginia Tech athletics. If this were the case, it could also end roughly like at Florida State with legendary coach Bobby Bowden. Many people think that Bowden was forced out and the residents of Blacksburg and Hokie Nation do not want to see that happen to Beamer.

It is speculated by some that Beamer will coach his last season within the next 3-5 years. If this were the case, Foster would more than likely become the next head coach of the Virginia Tech Hokies. If Beamer stays longer though past the 2014 season, what happens next is a toss-up.

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